Gort in QfG5

Created by the Dr. Pretorius and Dr. Mobius of the Academy of Science, Gort is a testament to the powers of science against magic. He possesses incredible strength, and -- although he seldom speaks and is only capable of short sentences -- an apparently overwhelming intellect. He was an entrant into the Rites of Rulership, sponsored by the scientists who created him.

When the Prince of Shapeir uncovered the scientists had drugged Erasmus and Shakra sah Tarna during the Rite of Peace (while Gort was being further waterproofed and having his heroic tendencies programmed out of him), Gort was disqualified from the Rites. It was also revealed that Gort was -- as some had suspected -- an experiment in reanimating the dead.

Despite the underhanded methods (and best efforts) of his creators, Gort proved himself to be a Hero. When the Dragon of Doom awoke, Gort made his way to the Dragon's Blood Pool and helped Toro, the Hero, and Elsa von Spielburg fight the legendary monster. He helped the fix the Dragon Pillar there so that the Dragon Pillar could be fixed, and was willing to sacrfice himself to Dragon.

Real WorldEdit

Gort is a character in Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire. The only Rite of Rulership he is able to win is the Rite of Freedom, and only if the player manages to defeat all the other fishing villages except the one Gort is meant to free and then waits. He is also potentially able to be sacrificed to defeat the Dragon of Doom -- although, technically, no sacrifice is necessary.

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