Devon Aidendale battles a Goblin

Goblins are a weak, short, green-skinned humanoids found in many northern valleys of Gloriana. They live in large underground colonies, but frequently emerge to hunt. Though they are cowardly when alone, they are much braver in groups and frequently attack in such. They are also likely to attack if they believe their target is weak or injured.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Goblins are short, squatty creatures living in large colonies underground. Although they seem cowardly at first encounter, they tend to observe an adventurer and assess his (or her) weaknesses. Once they regain their courage, they tend to gang up on the unsuspecting hero. It is not advisable to go exploring a goblin hole unless accompanied by a party of Dwarves." (Excerpt from Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School: How to be a Hero)

Real WorldEdit

Goblins are a wandering monster in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?. It should be noted that each of the named goblins listed above are easter eggs found within the game.

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