Although not actually Goblins, Goblin Pygmies are very much related. They are known to live in both the Savanna and Jungle of East Fricana, though they are seldom seen. They leave dangerous traps set to trap and sometimes kill animals or unwary adventurers.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "These diminutive members of the Goblin family are seldom seen in the savanna and jungle although their presence is obvious. Being meat-eating and cautiously cowardly, they capture their prey in traps. These traps are found throughout this region. The wise adventurer should stay alert, as some of these traps are well-concealed. There is nothing more damaging to the dignity of the Explorer than to be discovered hanging from a footnoose by the wandering Warriors of the Simbani. While the Simbani are too polite to laugh at you, they do tend to snicker when they think you can't hear them." (Excerpt from the Famous Explorer's Correspondence Course)

Real WorldEdit

Goblin Pygmies are never seen in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War, but their traps are.

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