Gnome Ann Agrama is a gnomish innkeeper in Silmaria. After traveling from Zurich, she bought land from Senor Ferrari in order to start her dream, Gnome Ann's Land Inn. She hired Messie Tessie, Tony Maloney, Miigal Sal, and Rover. She had trouble finding customers and began to struggle under Ferrari's crippling mortgage.

Punny Bones stayed in the inn briefly on his return trip to Zurich from Mordavia. The two flirted intensely, but Punny continued on his way and left Gnome Ann lovesick for her.

Fenris and Erasmus booked a room for the Prince of Shapeir when they took him to Silmaria. The Hero showed her a Balloon Painting by Wolfie, which inspired Ann to have the Canine paint the inn. The outrageous color scheme brought in some added popularity. In return, she sewed some of her sheets into a balloon for the Hero. Later, he brought her Magic Seeds which sprouted enormous flowers on the outside of her inn.

Ann soon decided she needed to have entertainment in the evenings. As such, she hired Salla to play music. She also promised many of her visitors, including Wolfie whom she became friends with, that she would have dancing. When she was unable to find a dancer, she begged the Hero to perform. Reluctantly, he did so.

Later, he traded with Ferrari and obtained Gnome Ann's Deed. He gave it to her, so that she was the true owner of the property and owed no money to anyone. Having saved the inn, she hailed the Prince of Shapeir as a Hero.

Real WorldEdit

Gnome Ann Agrama is a character in Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire.

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