A Giant Black Desert Scorpion in the AGDI VGA remake

The Giant Black Desert Scorpions that can be found throughout the desert of Shapeir. They are considered the deadliest creatures found in the wilderness of that land. Their vice-like claws are sharp and strong, able to crush adventurers who are caught in them. The scorpion tail contains a powerful and certainly fatal venom, so poison cure pills are a necessity in the desert. Should one manage to defeat one of these monsters, the tail should be kept as they are often useful ingredients for apothecaries. Harik Attar, for instance, would reward those who brought him the tails which he needed for his poison cure pills.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "The giant black desert Scorpion is one of the deadliest creatures upon the sands. Its claws are capable of inflicting deep wounds. The tail has a stinger which contains a deadly poison. One sting brings death to the one stung. Antivenom pills are available, but are of no avail against multiple stings. Unless a fighter has an extremely good defense against the tail, he or she should avoid this monster. Retreat from combat usually means a stab in the back." (Excerpt from the QfG2 Manual)

Real WorldEdit

The Giant Black Desert Scorpion is a monster that can be randomly encountered in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. The scorpion tail was the only loot that could be taken from one once it was defeated.

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