A Giant Ant in battle

The Giant Ants of East Fricana are known primarily for the formic acid stored in their tails. In combat, they use this to poison their foes. However, they are not a formidable foe, so the reputation of this acid is mostly that of an ingredient in some particularly strong beverages. Arne Saknoosan, for instance, is known for his formic brews.

Though the Giant Ants roam both the Savannah and the Jungle of East Fricana, an enormous anthill that rises above the trees of the Jungle is a telltale sign of their place of origin.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • Giantant
    "These insects are no picnic. Giant ants have unbelievable appetites and have been known to strip an elephant carcass in 2.3 seconds. They are persist-ant and resist-ant to giving up their chosen prey, be it eland or Explorer. In addition to their vise-like jaws and acid-ejecting abdomens, giant ants are deadly since they seldom stalk solo." (Excerpt from the QfG3 Manual)

Real WorldEdit

Giant Ants are a monster found in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War.

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