Al-Ghul Battle

Devon Aidendale battles an al-Ghul (in the AGDI VGA remake)

Nearly skeletal, Ghouls or al-Ghuls are one of the most dangerous creatures found in the deserts of Shapeir. Like all undead, they have a powerful draining effect but these monstrosities also possess a paralytic poison that coats their claws. As a result ghoul claws are a valuable ingredient and local apothecaries like Harik Attar are willing to pay for them. When slain, acid leaks from the corpse forming a dangerous pool on the desert sands.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Supernatural creatures of the undead which prey upon the living. The very touch of one's claws has a chilling effect upon the victim similar to frostbite. The more wounds the ghoul makes, the more the victim's movements are slowed, until he finally collapses. It is best to avoid damage from Ghouls entirely." (Excerpt from the QfG2 Manual)


Real WorldEdit

Ghouls are monster found in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. They were made much more dangerous in the AGDI remake -- including the aforementioned acidic pools as well as the addition of spell casting to their repertoire. As a result of this, however, special boots were added to the game and the ghoul head trophy was also added.

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