Gate Captain Harn is a captain in the Neverwinter Militia that was placed in charge of the Blacklake District quarantine during the Wailing Death. He allowed the soon-to-be Hero of Neverwinter into the district to search for the Waterdhavian Creatures. Although he was aware of the situation with Meldanen, he tried to stay as ignorant of the goings-on in Blacklake as possible. He also made certain he was unaware of most of the other events in the city, preferring to focus only on his assignment.

He did know that Samuel went missing, and informed the Hero of this in hopes that the guard could be found.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "One of the city militia, this man's face shows the strain of long hours dealing with the effects of the plague." ("Examine" Description)

Real WorldEdit

Gate Captain Harn is a character from Neverwinter Nights.

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