In the Land of the Dead, Samhain's throne is guarded by Gate. This vile doorway seeks the destruction of all living men who might pass through its threshold. The door's face is a terrifying visage.

When Alexander crossed the River Styx, he attempted to open the Gate. The magical door awakened and revealed itself to the man. It asked to be allowed to devour him, after centuries without any mortal flesh to eat. Alexander demanded to pass through alive, and asked to be given a task that Gate would open for human. Gate replied with an ancient message: "Should a human try to pass, A riddle is Gate's wont to ask. And if thou wouldst fail to answer Gate, His thirsty jaws will be thy fate." Alexander agreed to this test and Gate posed the riddle: "My first is foremost legally. My second circles outwardly. My third leads all in victory. My forth twice ends a nominee. My whole is this Gate's only key." This was the riddle missing from the riddle book he had earlier held in his possession, which Alexander realized once he had determined the answer: "Love" -- as he had seen in the Black Widow's web.

Gate was outraged that his riddle had been solved, believing the Love did not exist in the Land of the Dead. Still, he grudgingly opened and allowed Alexander to pass.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "I smell the blood of a mortal. Reach out thy hand again, fleshy human, that I might devour it."
  • "Listen as though it meant thy life, human, for it surely does."
  • "Burden me not with thy poetry!"

Real WorldEdit

Gate appears in King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow.

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