Floating Spirits, Ghosts, Spectres, and Wraiths are the bodiless souls of the dead, unable to rest for any number of reasons. They are all immensely dangerous and have an ability to drain the life out of any living beings in their presence. In general, they are not as powerful as Mordavian Wraiths but they can also be found in nearly any area where lives have been lost or the dead have been buried.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "Floating Spirits are a minor sort of ghost caused by desecrated graves. Although they are graceful and even strangely attractive, they can draw out the life from any unfortunate who wanders into a graveyard at night without magical protection. Undead Unguent is commonly used to repel floating spirits and is usually available at the local healer or apothecary.
    Ghosts, Spectres, and Wraiths can be easily identified by the feelings of intense cold and fear that immediately precedes their appearance. They should be avoided at all cost unless the adventurer is a Wizard-class Magic User or a Paladin-level Hero." (Excerpt from the QfG1 Manual)
  • "Eldritch creatures of indefinite, insubstantial form. Ghosts hang around graveyards or near where a person died. A person becomes a ghost on dying if he/she has substantial "unfinished business" in this world (such as an unfulfilled vow or loved ones left behind), and if the death was sudden and unexpected. These ghosts tend to retain some human qualities and are relatively benevolent. The other type of ghost is that of a mean-spirited person who "died hard" and whose passions and emotions refused to settle in the grave. This type of ghost wants nothing more than to bring others down in death just as it was brought down. You'll live longer if you can distinguish between the two types!" (Excerpt from the QfG4 Manual)

Real WorldEdit

Floating Spirits, Ghosts, Spectres, and Wraiths are encountered in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?

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