Fire Elemental in the AGDI VGA remake (non-canon)

The fire elemental is a powerful creature of magic made entirely out of the element of fire. Their very essence is that of hunger. The opposing element of water can be used to weaken them, but like all elementals, they cannot be truly destroyed. The best means of stopping them is through containing them.

When Ad Avis summoned a fire elemental to destroy Shapeir, the Hero lured it from the Gate Plaza into the streets. On Junub Tarik, he sprayed the creature with water from a waterskin and then captured it in a brass lamp. Later, the Hero used the fire elementals light to guide him through the Forbidden City.

Though it was not truly an elemental, the Dragon of Doom was very similar to a Fire Elemental as it was created out of fire magic.

Real WorldEdit

The fire elemental is one of the four elementals that the player must defeat in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.

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