Fin'ratha was an elf who had fallen under the Curse of the Full Moon Clan. Unlike many elves, for him it proved not to be such a terrible curse. Between his strong will and his use of the Silver Claws and Muzzle of the Wolf, he was able to control his curse to an extent that he could be allowed to participate in battles. He rose through the ranks of the Silver Legion, although none who stood in his way still live.

Official DescriptionEdit

The description found in the Haven game on Facebook:

  • "There are more than a few elves that have fallen to the terrible curse of the Full Moon Clan, but for the greatest warriors, it's not necessarily a death sentence. The Silver claws, and Muzzle of the Wolf allow these special cases to control the curse to a degree, enough to allow them back into battle, though there's always a danger that they might break their bonds and once more become feral. Fin'Ratha is one such elf, though the story of his rise into the ranks of the Silver Legion is one that none are left alive to tell."

Real WorldEdit

Fin'ratha is a Rogue General in the game Haven on Facebook. He can be purchased from the Temple for 35 favor points by players of Haven on Facebook. His stats begin at 5 strength, 10 agility and 0 intelligence.

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