Fernando Bullforth is the Falderalian proprietor of the Falderal China Shop, he does most of his business with the populace of Etheria. His pet Treasure the China Bird is the pride and joy of his life. She went missing shortly before Valanice arrived, and Fernando Bullforth was incredibly distraught. When the queen found him, he explained that his bird was missing. When Valanice returned with her shortly after, Fernando gratefully gave her a china mask.

Later, when Valanice was in trouble with the law of Falderal Fernando offered to hide her from the authorities. When he encountered Rosella, he informed her of her mother's plight but assured her that the beautiful sights of Etheria lure humans into the realm of Eldritch like "bees to honey".

As Malicia's plot came near to fruition, Fernando and Treasure left the China Shop, likely in search of shelter from the coming eruption.


Real WorldEdit

Fernando is a character in King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride.

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