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Fenthick Moss was a naive and optimistic Elven cleric of Tyr advising Lord Nasher Alagondar in Neverwinter. He fell in love with Aribeth de Tylmarande and the two were engaged. He helped her lead the investigation into the Wailing Death. As the investigation began, he befriended Desther Indelayne and invited his Helmites into Neverwinter to bless the plague victims.

When Desther and his Helmites were revealed to be traitors, Fenthick was shocked. He journeyed to Helm's Hold after Desther to confront him, but many viewed this as confirmation that he had been working with Desther. The Hero of Neverwinter found Fenthick, frightened and confused, in a stairwell of Helm's Hold. Fenthick returned to Neverwinter, where he was executed for crimes against the city.

Some time later, his spirit appeared in the Tomb of the Betrayers, where it was defeated by a group of adventurers.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "Fenthick looks concerned for those suffering, obviously willing to do anything if it would help the situation. His face looks weary, but hopeful." (Prologue, NWN)

Real WorldEdit

Fenthick is a character in Neverwinter Nights. He appears in the Prologue and Chapter 1. His spirit appears as an enemy in Neverwinter Nights 2.

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