The False Helmites, led by Desther Indelayne, were secretly members of the Cult of the Eye sent forth to destroy the city of Neverwinter. First, they attacked and took over Helm's Hold. Afterwards, they began the plague of the Wailing Death upon the city.

To help spread the plague, a large delegation of the False Helmites, including Desther, soon arrived in the city to give their blessings. They established a Helmite Sanctuary in the Beggar's Nest district but gave out their blessings across the entire city. Unbeknownst to the people of the city, these blessings actually spread the plague rather than cured it.

When their treachery was discovered, those left in the city fled back to Helm's Hold where they faced the Hero of Neverwinter.

Notable MembersEdit


The False Helmites wore the same uniform as devout Helmites.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "This man's robes proudly display the symbol of Helm. He meets your gaze with suspicion, at first, but then offers a friendly smile." ("Examine" Description for the Priest of Helm in the Helmite Sanctuary, Ch. 1)


Real LifeEdit

The False Helmites are present in the original campaign of Neverwinter Nights.

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