Ettercaps are barely sentient creatures found throughout Faerun, dangerous despite their cowardly nature. They are often found amongst spiders, including Dire Spiders. These spiders are frequently tamed as pets, as other races might tame bees or dogs. Ettercaps are predators and, much like the spiders they can be found with, use webs to catch their prey. Ettercap Silk Glands are sometimes considered a valuable ingredient in some magical concoctions. Ettercaps are also capable of using deadly poisons and vicious traps.

Ettercaps appear to be spider-like humanods with grey to purple skin, they are hunched over and have white bellies that hang from their abdomen. Their faces have several eyes, sharp spider-like fangs, and large chitinous claws.

230px-Ettercap - Wayne Reynolds
Some theorize that ettercaps are the mutated descendants of mad druids who associated with demons and revered spiders. This theory is supported by the rare encounters with ettercaps that retain some human intelligence and habits. Most ettercaps, however, rely solely on animal instinct.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "Although not very intelligent, Ettercaps are cunning predators. Like the monstrous spiders that they keep as pets, they are skilled hunters and trappers."


Real WorldEdit

Ettercaps are monsters from Dungeons & Dragons and can be found in many campaigns, including the Neverwinter Nights computer game. The appearance of ettercaps has changed in each edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Compendium.

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