The Eternal Order of Fighters (or E.O.F.) is a secretive fraternal order of the strongest of warriors. They are based in the city of Shapeir. They contact initiates in secret ways -- often by spearing notes to doors where they know the initiate will receive the message. The initiation itself is a tremendous fight, in which the fighters must break chains binding them to a wall and then defeat a skilled oponent.



  • Brother Scorpion is a high rank in the organization, given to the strongest and most vicious of opponent.
  • Brother Saurus is a lower rank in the organization, given to warriors who are not willing to kill their opponents unless it is absolutely necessary.

Notable MembersEdit

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "This organization is for real Heroes. This means no pansy Magic Users or slimy Thief scum will be admitted. Only the best and the baddest can join the 'Eternal Order of Fighters'. You got to have true grit and heavy mettle. We're glad you're bad and we're keen you're mean. "EOF - The Guts, The Glory, The Greatest!" Membership by invitation only."

Real WorldEdit

The Eternal Order of Fighters is a faction seen in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.

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