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Lady Tsepish grieves

The wife of Count Vladimir Tsepish, Countess Elspeth Tsepish died of her broken heart when her husband was cut down by Malicia's Gargoyle. Once the most beautiful woman in Ooga Booga, she developed a frightening visage and shrouded herself in a black cloak and stationed herself outside the Tsepish Tomb, crying her eyes out in the most literal sense. Valanice returned the Tsepish Medal to the grieving wife to help alleviate her pain, but managed to
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The Lady Tsepish is restored!

lift the curse altogether by restoring Count Tsepish back to life. At the revival of her love, Elspeth too was transformed back to her beautiful self.

Real WorldEdit

Although she begins as a hazard in one screen of Ooga Booga, Elspeth Tsepish is actually a vital character in King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride.

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