Earth Elemental in the AGDI VGA remake

Earth Elementals are among the most dangerous of elementals, as beings of pure rock it has incredible strength. This strength is the essence of the earth elemental. As such, it must be worn away by fire, its opposing element, until it is weak and then it can be contained. Like all other elementals it cannot be truly destroyed.

After his air elemental was defeated by the Hero , Ad Avis summoned an earth elemental to attack the city of Shapeir. The Hero destroyed it with fire and put the dirt in a cloth sack he'd purchased from Kiram. He then spread the elemental's remains across the roots of the tree-woman Julanar.


Real WorldEdit

The earth elemental is the third elemental the player must defeat in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. This elemental, even more so than any of the others, is defeated in a class-specific method. The thief receives Powder of Burning from Harik Attar, the fighter borrows Soulforge from Rasha Rakeesh SahTarna, and the wizard must cast Flame Dart.

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