The Druids of the Mists are known as the priest-kings and sorcerer-kings that inhabit the Isle of the Mists, led by the Arch Druid and living in the Druid Village, hidden in the Druids Village. They appear to be a mostly or perhaps exclusively male brotherhood, with the ranks of each member symbolized by the color of their robes.

The Druids are mysterious, and feared by most. They are known for ritualistic magic, some of which involve human sacrifice over an open flame. They are worshippers of Mother Earth and nature, believing in powerful spirits and gods who are at work in the world. They revere a small Sacred Oak Tree. Above all else, the Druids of the Mists value their privacy. This privacy is granted by the other islands in the Land of the Green Isles in return for their loyalty to the Isle of the Crown.

The Sacred Oracle of the Winged Ones sent Alexander to visit the Druids of the Mists. The Druids, angered by the intrusion, and warned by Shamir Shamazle to be even more hostile to outsiders, captured Alexander and attempted to sacrifice him in a ritual. Their fire, however, triggered Alexander's Make Rain Spell. The storm that was summoned convinced the Druids that Alexander was a powerful nature wizard, so they released him and left the prince to speak to their Archdruid.

Notable MembersEdit


The Silver LiningEdit

Two convocations of druids live on the Isle of the Mists. They seem to be in touch with other convocations in other lands -- including whatever land Fand was from. Valanice, Alexander, and Rosella have druidic heritage as well.

Notable Members:

Real WorldEdit

The Druids of the Mists appear in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow. Druids of the Mists is a fan name they are only officially known as the Druids.

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