An ancient helm found upon the corpse of a Dreadknight at the end of the Sundering War, it has reappeared throughout history, always on the heads of great Heroes who emanated its dark energies. Legend says that souls are trapped within it, souls which will slowly drive the wearer mad.

Official DescriptionEdit

(This is the description found within the Haven game.)

  • "A remnant of the Sundering War, the name of the Dreadknight it was found upon has long been lost to history, but dark energy yet emanates from within its shadowed visor. Wear it with care, the echos of a trapped soul might yet be the source of its cold power."

Real WorldEdit

The Dread Cowl is an item which can be bought by Haven on Facebook players from the Temple for 30 favor points. It offers +23 strength, +22 agility, and +0 intelligence.

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