Drawl was the leader of the Sword Coast Boys, he was power-hungry and wanted absolute control. He dreamt of the Sword Coast Boys becoming a mercenary company. After the Wailing Death began, several members of the gang tried to convince Drawl to lead the gang outside of the city. When he refused, they began to make plans to escape the plague. Determined to prevent this, he found the answer to his problems in Gulnan. The Yuan-ti transformed Drawl into a lich, linking him to her very power. In exchange, he would provide fodder for her to create her zombie army from. Eager, Drawl began to kill each of his gang mates and raise them again as undead. He also began slaughtering the members of rival gangs like The Heavies to transform into undead slaves.

Furious with Walters for leaving the gang to join the Neverwinter Militia, he kept the guard alive but imprisoned in the Beggar's Nest Warehouse where he had created the new Sword Coast Boys headquarters. Forcing Walters to watch everyone he loved become a mindless zombie was torture enough to be suitable revenge, Drawl reasoned. The Hero of Neverwinter interrupted this plot by entering the Warehouse and beating Drawl until his connection to Gulnan was severed. With no power source, the lich died.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "This undead creature looks formidable, but there's something in the way it acts that suggests inexperience, and perhaps more talk than sense." ("Examine" Description)

Real WorldEdit

Drawl is an opponent in Neverwinter Nights.

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