Drake is a renowned undead hunter of the Sword Coast, but primarily resides in the city of Neverwinter. He is a regular of the Shining Serpent Inn in the Beggar's Nest district, where he has won the "Eat the Most Pickled Eggs" contest two years in a row.

When Zombies began to infest the district, Drake jumped into action. He took command of the Shing Serpent Inn to make it a safe refuge for the Beggar's Nest Citizens that were driven from their homes. Then, he took charge of the counterattack against the undead.

When the Hero of Neverwinter arrived to offer his assistance, so Drake sent him in search of Krestal and Jemanie -- both of whom were barricaded in their homes for safety. Gleaning what information he could from the Hero's subsequent reports, Drake determined that Gulnan was responsible for the zombie infestation and sent the Hero to slay her. Afterwards, he gratefully sent the Hero to Aribeth de Tylmarande with his report.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "This man looks supremely confident, like he is used to commanding during a crisis. He's a seasoned veteran of the battlefield." (NWN "Examine" Description)

Real WorldEdit

Drake is a character from the original campaign of Neverwinter Nights.

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