The Dragon of Doom, also called the Dark Dragon, was a creature of antiquity, forged from powerful magics and thought to be unstoppable. It was created by the strongest of the magics the element of fire could offer, infused with destruction, anger, and hatred. It raged across the islands of the Med Sea, destroying all that it could.

The wizards of Atlantis did their best to escape the dragon's rage, using their own powerful magics to sink their city and transform themselves into Tritons. Meanwhile, on Marete other mages worked to raise Dragon Pillars. Each pillar weakened the dragon, until finally it settled into the temple at the Dragon Blood Pool and slept. The doors were bound shut with a powerful Prophecy Stone.

Centuries passed, and the dragon was all but forgotten. Then the Prophecy Stone fell into the hands of Minos, and the undoing of the enchantments began. As the evil mastermind's plans fell apart, he sent Bruno to shatter the pillars through the blood of innocents. Each pillar broke, strengthening and awakening the powerful dragon. Then Minos, confronted by the heroic Prince of Shapeir and Elsa von Spielburg, killed himself and shattered the Prophecy Stone. The Dragon was released. The battle that followed was enormous, but the heroes rose victorious over the Dragon of Doom -- finally slaying it and forever saving Silmaria from its rage.

Real WorldEdit

The Dragon of Doom is the climactic opponent at the end of Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire.

Battle of the DragonEdit

The Battle of the Dragon of Doom gives the Hero many choices. First of all, either Katrina, Erana, or Fenris (depending on the player's earlier choices) teleports Elsa and Devon to the cave. Erana stays to heal the adventurers, and Katrina stays to fight the dragon with Dragon Frost. Toro and Gort will also arrive. It takes the combined strength of Toro, Gort, and Devon to fix the Dragon Pillar. The prophecy states that a sacrifice must be made to the dragon and this can happen any number of ways, or not at all.

  • The Hero may volunteer to sacrifice himself. (Similarly, the Wizard may cast Thermonuclear Blast and sacrifice everyone!)
    • If the Hero is engaged to Erana, she will stop him and sacrifice herself instead.
    • If the Hero is engaged at all, Gort may stop him and sacrifice himself.
  • The Hero can ask someone else to sacrifice themselves -- the choices for this being either Erana, Gort, or Toro.

However, it is possible to win the battle without a sacrifice at all -- although it is significantly more difficult. Any of these endings are considered canon.

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