Draenei Commoners are wholly unremarkable, unlike the Heroes that have been known to come from the noble race of the Draenei. Though they survived the crash of the Exodar, they seldom leave their new home on the Azuremyst Isles and have taken to building a life for themselves on Azeroth and amongst the Alliance. Draenei Commoners, eager for anything to celebrate, have also taken to whole-heartedly celebrating the holidays celebrated by the rest of their allies.

Real WorldEdit

Like the Blood Elf Commoners, Dwarf Commoners (WoW), Forsaken Commoners, Gnome Commoners (WoW), Goblin Commoners (WoW), Human Commoners (WoW), Night Elf Commoners, Orc Commoners (WoW), Tauren Commoners, and Troll Commoners (WoW) the Draenei Commoners serve to let players in World of Warcraft know when a World Event holiday is happening, and often provide quests to send players to the correct areas for these holidays.

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