The Door of Destiny speaks

The Door of Destiny was once a member of an ancient race that abused his powers and disrespected the balance of nature and order of life. The others of his race punished him by transforming him into a stone slab in a cliff wall, a magical door that could be opened only once by the unity of the Three Gems of Nature which were scattered across Western Kolyma.

Thousands of years later, Graham sought to open the Door of Destiny so that he might enter the Crystal Tower Realm and free Valanice from her imprisonment. Graham found each of the gems and placed them into their sockets in the correct order. The Door of Destiny, finally realizing the importance of the order of life and able to pass away, thanked Graham for ending his static existence and warned the king that the door would take him to his heart's truest desire. With that, the Door was replaced with a portal which vanished once Graham had passed through it.

Real WorldEdit

The Door of Destiny appears in the unofficial VGA King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones by AGDI. It was inspired by the original Magical Doorway of the original King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne.

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