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Dr. Cadaver with no backbone!

The kind and selfless doctor of Ooga Booga, Doctor Mort Cadaver gives endlessly to help his patients. He is not only the doctor for the realm, but also the undertaker and coroner. He also performs experiments on Mr. Nibbler. His methods are unconventional outside of Ooga Booga, as he fixed the broken heart of Mr. Bugbear with a staplegun. He gave his spine to one patient, and found that without it he did not have the courage to stand up to the Ghoul Kids. Rosella procured a new backbone for him and the two became friends. He gave her a weird pet as a reward. When the princess was trying to escape from Ooga Booga, he gave her a defoliant.
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Dr. Cadaver with a backbone

When Valanice later met an befriended Dr. Cadaver, she was in desperate need of a place to sleep so that she could access Dreamland to find Lady Mab. The doctor generously offered her his coffin.

Real WorldEdit

Dr. Mort Cadaver is a character in King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride.

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