Enchanted into the form of a poisonous snake, the Winged Steed protected the second stone; Growth Gem of AirGraham threw the silver bridle onto the snake transforming it into the Disciple of the Air.


AGDI UniverseEdit

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The Winged Steed in AGDI's remake...

The Winged Steed became a faithful Disciple of the Cloud, as was its destiny. When the Evil Enchanter demanded the horse become his steed, it had no choice but to refuse. Out of spite, the mage transformed the pegasus into a poisonous snake, set it to guard his cave and hid its silver bridle.

Graham hypnotized the snake and snuck past. After making the disenchantment emerald, he used it on the snake. When it transformed into the Pegasus, it explained the situation it was in and that it could bring the king to the Growth Gem of Air. Graham went in search of the bridle, and soon returned with it. The winged horse took Graham on its back and flew to the Cloud Spirit. Once Graham had the Gem, the Winged Steed brought him back to Kolyma and gave him a magic sugar cube to protect him from the poisons of the land. With that, the horse flew into the sky and disappeared from sight.

Real WorldEdit

The Disciple of the Cloud is loosely based on the legends of the Pegasus. It is based on a character in King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne, and its role is greatly changed in the AGDI remake King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones.

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