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Dink is a monster living in Mordack's Labyrinth who quickly befriended Cassima while she was a captive on Mordack's Isle. He enjoyed playing with his hair, and so treasured the hairpin that he always wore. When Graham gave the beast a tambourine, however, Dink was delighted and quickly forgot all about the hairpiece. He joyfully hopped away into the maze playing with his new toy. It is unknown what became of Dink after Mordack's defeat, but it is unlikely that the monster has left the maze. It is speculated that Dink was named after the only noise he seems to make, "dink".

Real WorldEdit

Dink is a character in King's Quest V: Absence Make the Heart Go Yonder. In the PC version of the game, Dink can only be found in 4 rooms of the maze, where as in the NES version of the game, Graham can simply play the tambourine and Dink will come to him.

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