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Desther Indelayne befriended Fenthick Moss and led a group of Helmites into Neverwinter to cure the Wailing Death. He quickly developed a dislike towards Aribeth de Tylmarande. He tried to protect the Waterdhavian Creatures at the Neverwinter Academy. When the soon-to-be Hero of Neverwinter failed to defend the creatures, he extended his foul attitude and cynicism normally reserved for Aribeth towards the Hero.

After the Hero had recovered the ingredients for the cure, Desther revealed himself to be a traitor. He stole the cure and vanished to Helm's Hold. Fenthick followed, and the Hero followed him. They realized that Desther was not a Helmite and his followers were actually members of the Cult of the Eye. Desther, having outlived his usefulness to the Cult, set about raising an undead army to protect himself from his master. The Hero fought his way through the undead and eventually apprehended Desther, bringing him and the cure back to Neverwinter.

Shortly thereafter, he was executed.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "Desther shifts uncomfortably, obviously displeased with those around him. He looks preoccupied and strained, as though wanting more control over the situation than he has." (Prologue)

Real WorldEdit

Desther is a character in Neverwinter Nights. He appears in the Prologue and in Chapter 1.

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