Deliana is a skilled craftswoman and charismatic diplomat. She also has some skill with magic, able to cast fireballs at her foes.


World of WarcraftEdit

A Human hailing from Stormwind City, Deliana traveled to Ironforge to seek an audience with King Magni Bronzebeard. While waiting, she was unable to retrieve items she needed for her own designs, and so she sent the Heroes of the Alliance out to complete several tasks for her. The first task involved collecting Winterspring Blood Samples from several of the creatures in Winterspring. When the adventurers returned with the blood and bracers, she traded with them and gave them some upgraded bracers.

Afterwards, as she sought a way to speak with the ghost of Anthion Harmon, she sent the adventurers to Gadgetzan in Tanaris to speak with Mux Manascrambler, a Goblin engineer with a fascination with spirits. After the Heroes of the Alliance aided Mux, they returned to Deliana with the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer that Mux had built them. The adventurers also brought belts and gloves they wished to have upgraded versions of. Deliana was more than happy to reward them for their help.

Next, the heroes journeyed to Stratholme to find Anthion Harmon. They returned to Deliana a short time afterwards with a message that Bodley was the only hope of stopping Valthalak. She rewarded the adventurers by trading their boots, pants, and shoulder armor with even more powerful artifacts. Then, she sent them to find Bodley somewhere in Blackrock Mountain.

After they defeated Valthalak, Bodley told the adventurers to return to Deliana who traded their old helms and chest pieces for better ones.

It is unknown what became of Deliana after the Shattering.

Real WorldEdit

Deliana is an NPC found in Ironforge in World of Warcraft. She is the Alliance equivalent of Mokvar and begins the quest chain which allows players to upgrade their equipment to Dungeon Set 2.

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