The Deeprun Tram is a long, underground set of double tracks upon which two trains consisting of three wagons travel back and forth between Stormwind City and Ironforge. The gnomish creation provides free transportation between the two cities.

After the Second War, the humans of Stormwind began to rebuild their kingdom -- which had been all but obliterated during the First War. As fellow members of the Alliance, the Dwarves did what they could to help by sending supplies and workers. King Magni Bronzebeard, however, soon became frustrated at the slow pace of the help he could send. To that end, and to construct a means to reinforce Stormwind should it ever fall under attack again, he turned to the greatest gnomish engineer on Azeroth -- High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque. Almost immediately, Mekkatorque began to work on designing the underground transport with the help of at least four other gnomes.

Eventually, the Deeprun Tram was constructed in full. The underground passage offers quick passage between its Stormwind Deeprun Tram Depot and the Ironforge Deeprun Tram Depot. There is a scenic view of the bottom of a body of water between the two cities. Some believe this body of water to be an underground lake, but truly on the gnomish Deeprun Divers know for sure. Also seen in the water are the threshadon Nessy and Basking Sharks, as well as the occasional Naga.

Inside the tram depots, only a few individuals can be regularly found. Nipsy and his brother Monty aid in controlling the population of Deeprun Rats through their business of selling Deeprun Rat Kabobs. Many Rat Traps can also be found within the Ironforge Depot.

Real WorldEdit

The Deeprun Tram is a small mini-zone that connects the zones of Stormwind City and Ironforge in World of Warcraft.

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