Lord Darius
Lord Darius the Cur was an ambitious member of the expeditionary force from Anglor. The war in Estlam presented him with opportunities for advancement -- allowing him to become a comfortable lord with his eyes set upon the crown.

Flavor TextEdit

  • Darius The Cur
    "Pleasant though it is to be a lord, why be a lord when you can be a king?" (Lord Darius, Fabled)
  • "Opportunity doesn't knock upon doors, you have to sneak up on it in the middle of the night." (Darius the Cur, Legendary)
  • For a man who calls himself a lord, Darius has a surprisingly low appreciation for flattery. (Lord Darius, Rare)
  • A long-standing veteran of the expeditionary force, feared but not respected. (Darius the Cur, Uncommon)

Real WorldEdit

Darius is featured on two cards -- Lord Darius (Rare/Fabled) and Darius the Cur (Uncommon/Legendary).

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