Dangling Participle

Dangling Participle

One of the inhabitants of Exclamation Point on the Isle of Wonder, Dangling Participle is one of the strange creatures under the care of the Bookworm. Like the others, Dangling Participle speaks only in the grammatical concept after which he is named. Unlike the others of the Bookworm's charges, Dangling Participle has an adventurous streak. This led to him disappearing from the Isle of Wonder, deciding to go exploring. His methods of transportation are unknown.

Alexander found the strange creature on the shore of the Isle of the Beast, but the creature was mistrustful of Alexander. When the prince showed him the incomplete sentence he had found, Dangling Participle finished it by exclaiming, "Where are you going to?" Deciding the human was not so bad, he asked to travel with him. Alexander soon brought Dangling Participle back to the Bookworm, who rewarded the prince of Daventry with a rare Riddle Book.


  • "Like you I do. Go I with you?"


The Silver LiningEdit

In The Silver Lining, the Dangling Participle had relocated to the Isle of the Crown with Black Widow and Bookworm to operate The Four Winds newsletter.

Real WorldEdit

The Dangling Participle is a character and inventory item in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow. He appears again in The Silver Lining, the fan sequel created by Phoenix Online Studios.

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