These amulets are found on many elves from all different clans across Nirros. The elves who bear these amulets are sworn to destroy the creations of the foul Full Moon Elves and are bound through the amulet's magic not to abandon this task.

Official DescriptionEdit

(This is the description found in the Haven game itself.)

  • "Forged in the deep forests of Airyth, where small groups of elves from all clans meet in secret, swearing oaths to destroy the abominations that the Full Moon Elves have created. This is a symbol of their quest, and marks them forever dedicated to the cause."

Real WorldEdit

The Curse Mark is an amulet available for Haven on Facebook players to buy from the Temple for 30 favor points. It offers +5 strength, +15 agility, and +25 intelligence.

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