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The Council declares Harami honorless

The Council of Judgement rules Tarna alongside its King. As men are seen to be violent and irrational, the Liontaurs choose six of their wisest women to be their rulers. These women meet in the Hall of Judgement in Tarna and deliberate upon the laws of the kingdom and the punishments befitting each crime. They advise the king on all issues, and also determine when he is no longer fit to rule. The king is not able to declare war without the agreement of the Council.

When the Prince of Shapeir arrived in Tarna, he was almost immediately summoned to the Council as witness to Harami's robbery and for his efforts to stop the thief. The Council declared Harami honorless. Weeks later, the Council hosted peace negotiations between the Simbani and the Leopardmen. It was in their very own Hall of Judgement that the leaders of both tribes were slain.


  • The Speaker - perhaps the most important member of the Council, she directs the discussions and announces the decisions of the Council. She is seated closest to the King's seat in the Hall of Judgement so that she may also voice his opinions, as well as her own. Aside from her wisdom, she is chosen for her eloquence.
  • The High Priestess of Sekhmet - with direct communication with the goddess Sekhmet herself, the leader of the Liontaur Goddess' priestesses speaks on behalf of the deity of Tarna in the Hall of Judgement. She is chosen for this position by Sekhmet.
  • The Mother - this representative of the Council of Judgement is chosen for her years of experience, her wisdom and fairness in raising her own young. She represents the older generation of Liontaurs.
  • The Warrior - one of the more intensive roles of the Council, the Warrior is the military leader of Tarna and captain of the Tarna Guards. She is chosen for her great fighting and hunting skills.
  • The Wizard - the most magical, and sometimes only magical, Liontaur of Tarna is chosen for this position on the Council. Her expertise in the fields of magic provide invaluable insight for the Council. This position is currently filled by Kreesha Mar Asha.
  • The Youth - chosen less for her wisdom and more for her popularity among her peers, the Youth represents the younger generation of Liontaurs on the Council.

Real WorldEdit

The Council of Judgement appears in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War.

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