Cougarmen are humanoid panthers who are violent and hostile to others outside their race. They can be found living on the islands of the Med Sea, particularly in the wilderness of Marete. There are two varieties of Cougarmen, a nocturnal variety with black fur and a variety which is more active during the day with tan fur. Both varieties are intelligent and vicious, making them very dangerous for all but the experienced adventurer.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Crafty and catlike, the cougarmen creep along stealthily until they are ready to pounce. Rumor has it that they make very good eating. Unfortunately, further research revealed that they are just very good at eating adventurers." (Excerpt from the QfG5 Manual)


Real WorldEdit

Cougarmen are a monster in Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire.

External LinksEdit

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