Prince Cocteau the Thrice Blessed is a prince who rules over the Isle of the Beast. He is very noble and fair, with an adventurous streak that often landed him in trouble in days past.

Roughly 100 years prior to Alexander visiting the Isle of the Beast, Prince Cocteau spent much of his time traveling and rescuing maidens in distress. Eventually, one too many evil hags with magical skills had been bested by him. One such crone cast a terrible curse, trapping the prince on the Isle of the Forest and transforming him into a terrifying beast. She formed the Castle of the Beast in the center of the island, and surrounded it with terrible traps and barriers. Anyone cunning enough to best all of the barriers was doomed to become a beast themselves.

As with all curses, there was one way to break its power, though it seemed little more than a cruel joke: true love could break the spell. For a hundred years, the Beast was tormented -- growing bitter and unhappy with his solitude. His only solace was his Mirror of Truth. The Beast was -- occasionally -- visited diplomatically by emissaries of the other islands of the Land of the Green Isles, most notably by Shamir Shamazle at the behest of Abdul Alhazred. After the deaths of King Caliphim and Queen Allaria, the Beast was led to believe that the Beast's Coat of Arms had been stolen by Druids of the Mists from the Isle of Mists.

Sometime later, Alexander managed to find his way past the magical barriers to the edge of the Beast's Hedge Maze which surrounded his castle. When the Beast explained the situation the Prince of Daventry had landed himself in, the prince set off to find a way to undo the curse. He returned to the Isle of the Beast with Beauty in tow. She saw the sadness and loneliness in his eyes, his need for her, and fell instantly in love. The curse was broken and the restored prince gave Alexander his Mirror of Truth.

Cocteau and Beauty returned to the castle on the island to rule as prince and princess of the Isle of the Beast. Both attended Alexander's wedding to Cassima.


The Silver Lining & The Four WindsEdit

Graham visits the Isle of the Beast and Prince Cocteau the Thrice Blessed.

An article in the Four Winds details Prince Cocteau's century as the Beast.

Real WorldEdit

Prince Cocteau the Thrice Blessed appears in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow.

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