Mon Chernovy
Chernovy are the twisted followers of the Cult of the Dark One. Having been mutated during their attempt to summon Avoozl, they are now immortal monstrosities -- able to be killed but unable to die of natural causes. Whether or not they retain their sentience is unknown -- most who have encountered these creatures have never lived to tell of it. Despite their twisted forms, the Chernovy are still capable of wielding the powerful magic they knew in their mortal lives.

Two Chernovy continued to guard the Mad Monk's Tomb even in their mutated state until they were slain by the Hero. It is unknown if, after the dark energy of the Dark One disappated from the valley of Mordavia, the Chernovy continued to roam the valley.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "These were once the human followers of the Dark One. They sought after immortality (and got it, after a fashion). They can be killed but do not die of natural causes. The spell that gave them this partial immortality also mutated them. They now look basically human but with twisted, mutated features reminiscent of insects, spiders, and octopods. They wear the remnants of their ritual robes and are powerful spellcasters."

Real WorldEdit

Chernovy are a wandering monster in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.

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