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Devon Aidendale fights a Cheetaur (Photo Credit: Saikyo Mog)

Cheetaurs are primarily nocturnal beasts found in both southern regions and northern regions such as Spielburg Valley. They are tauric in nature, with the hindquarters and head of a panther. Although their arms and torso are more humanoid, they are still covered with fur and their hands bear razor sharp claws. Cheetaur Claws can be used as an ingredient in some Vigor Potions.

Cheetaurs do not appear to be sentient, unlike other tauric races.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "The Cheetaur is noted for its speed and cunning. This cat-like creature with a humanoid torso has a deadly slashing combination of claws and bite. The northern variety is more panther-like and slower at running than its slender southern cousin, but retains its swiftness in attack. Fortunately for the local inhabitants, Cheetaurs never prosper in the colder regions." (Official Excerpt from the QfG1 Manual)


Real WorldEdit

Cheetaurs are a monster in Quest for Gory I: So You Want to be a Hero?.

External LinksEdit

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