Centaurs are a tauric race -- with the torso and arms of a human and the hindquarters of a horse. Though their faces are human, their ears are pointed similar to those of a horse. Though they can be found across Gloriana, the centaur culture consisted for centuries of nomadic herds roaming across desert regions. Some of these herds persist, though many centaurs have adopted the Common culture. As experts of the desert, centaurs can often be hired as guides through the arid regions though it is not uncommon to see centaurs performing other occupations -- from manual labor to advising rulers.

As centaurs notoriously lack of a sense of humor it is extremely rare to see them in the company of Gnomes. The centaur culture is built around a sense of honor, which persists even in the centaurs who live amongst other races.

Notable Members:

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Half horse and half human, the Centaurs roam the deserts of Shapeir in nomadic herds. They make excellent guides for this region, since they take pride in knowing the desert like the tips of their tails. Centaurs are extremely honorable, but have no sense of humor. They do not get along well with Gnomes." (Excerpt from the QfG2 Manual)

Real WorldEdit

Centaurs are one of the races of the Quest for Glory series by Sierra On-line. They can be found in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?, Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, and Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire. The race is a common trope of the fantasy genre.

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