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Cendran is a servant living in the city of Neverwinter. He and his family lived in the No Man's Land of the Blacklake District with many of the nobles' servants until the Wailing Death drove many of the people living there utterly mad. Then, Loxar arrived in the area and began looting and killing as he pleased. Cendran's entire family was slaughtered.

When the Hero of Neverwinter met Cendran, the man begged him to kill Loxar and return with the Half-Orc's head as proof. When this was done, Cendran determined to quit his job and begin anew in the Neverwinter City Core.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "A common man of Neverwinter, this person wears simple clothes and the harried look of someone living in the shadow of plague." ("Examine" Description)

Real WorldEdit

Cendran is a character in Neverwinter Nights.

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