Captain Galind Windsword is the captain of the ship Elune's Blessing. Though he is only a sailor, he is very faithful to Elune and believes that she be thanked for all good things. Like most Kaldorei ships, Elune's Blessing looks out for those lost in the Veiled Sea, but also transports people between the Azuremyst Isles and Night Elf territory.

Originally, Captain Galind Windsword deposited the passengers of his ship at Auberdine in Darkshore, but with the Shattering and subsequent decimation of Auberdine, he now docks at Ru'theran Village at the base of Teldrassil.


"Watch your step aboard Elune's Blessing, <race>. Though Elune's blessed us with the discovery of our new friends, we've also had our share of hardships at sea.

However, recovering souls lost at sea or lost in a new world is truly a blessing from Elune."

Real WorldEdit

Captain Galind Windsword is a level 70 NPC in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

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