Brauggi is a Frost Giant warrior from the lands of Jotunheim. Suffering from hunger, Brauggi traveled south until he reached Spielburg Valley. He settled into an ice cave, hoping to find fruit to fill his food stores and to ferment into mead.

The Hero encountered the giant at the ice cave, and soon brought him enough apples to fill his massive hands. In thanks, Brauggi gave the adventurer a glowing gem. His mission completed, Brauggi ventured back to his homeland.

Real WorldEdit

Brauggi is a character in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?


Although it is never said, the ice cave may be the entrance to a network of tunnels leading into the valley from Jotunheim. This is implied because Brauggi says "And now I head home" and steps back into the cave and also because even he could not leave the valley due to the avalanche unless he knew of another way out.

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