Botanist Taerix is a Draenei botanist who is an expert on the plant life of many worlds. She teaches Apprentice Tedon and Apprentice Vishael with her expertise. After surviving the crash of the Exodar, she began to work towards stopping the radiation of the Crash Site.

With the aid of some adventurers, sent to her by Proenitus, she was able to accomplish a great deal. First, she asked the adventurers to kill several of the strange Volatile Mutations that had arisen in Ammen Vale since the crash. While the adventurers performed this task, she determined the source of the radiation and how it might be undone. To this end, she sent the adventurers to collect ten Lasher Samples from the Mutated Lashers of the area. Using these sample, she created a Neutralizing Agent to purify the Irradiated Power Crystal at Silverline Lake. The adventurers distributed the agent into the water.

After thanking them for their help, she sent the adventurers to see Vindicator Aldar.

Real WorldEdit

Botanist Taerix is a level 4 quest giver in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

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