The Boogeyman

Evil and cruel, the Boogeyman was an underlying threat to the reign of Count Vladimir Tsepish over the land of Ooga Booga, until the benevolent ruler was cut down by Malicia's Gargoyle. The Boogeyman, an associate of Malicia's, took the opportunity to take control of the land and to set fire to Tsepish Manor. He dwells in the Deadfall, but spends little time there as he pursues his hobby or tormenting the good people of Ooga Booga and encouraging the mischief of the Ghoul Kids.

Real WorldEdit

Despite his importance to the plot, the Boogeyman is mostly just a hazard encountered by both Rosella and Valanice should they stand in one spot in Ooga Booga for too long during King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride.

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