Blanch the White Queen

Alexander before the White Queen

Blanche the White Queen rules over the Isle of Wonder with her sister, Ruffina the Red Queen. The two frequently squabble over petty matters as they wander across Chessboard Land -- the only parts of their island that they visit. The White Queen wholeheartedly believes that white is the color of truth and virtue. During the feud between the islands, she and her sister believed the the Beast had stolen their sacred Singing Stone.

When Alexander first encountered the queens at the edge of Chessboard Land, the two were fighting over who would send the lump of coal to Cassima and Abdul Alhazred as a wedding gift. Blanche was mortified that the treasure she could send -- a spoiled egg -- was not nearly as valuable as the lump of coal that Ruffina was insisting would come from her. At first, Alexander provided little help. Before long, however, he returned with a large lump of coal he had found and presented it to the White Queen. Delighted, she gave the spoiled egg to Alexander.

She and Ruffina attended Alexander's wedding to Cassima, but it is unknown what wedding gifts they brought to that couple.

Real WorldEdit

Blanche the White Queen is a character seen in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow.

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