The Blade-Master's Katana is an ancient blade, forged beneath the city of Crucible in ages past. Since then it has passed between heroes and warriors, spotted in countless battles and wars across Nirros. Legend says it holds within it the souls of all its victims, never allowing them to rest.

Official DescriptionEdit

(This is the description from the Haven game.)

  • "Forged ages ago deep beneath what was then the great Keep of Crucible, the Blade-Master's Katana's true name has been lost to time. Wielded by countless warriors in an endless series of wars, its blade still shines with ancient enchantments. Legends say that the souls of every being slain still reside within it, crying desperately to be released."

Real WorldEdit

The Blade Master's Katana is a weapon that can be bought from the Temple by the Haven on Facebook player for 30 favor points. It grants +22 strength and +23 agility but +0 intelligence.

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