The Blacklake Patrol is a militia of private guards employed by the wealthy Blacklake Citizens of the Blacklake District in Neverwinter. While many simply patrol the streets of the district, some are hired specifically to watch certain estates of the district.

Notable Members:

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "Not wearing the uniform of the Neverwinter Militia, members of the Blacklake Patrol were privately retained by the citizens of the Blacklake." ("Examine" Description, Blacklake Patrol)
  • "This man is rather scrawny to be a guard. It does not appear that he is much of a fighter at all. He looks nervous." ("Examine" Description, Hodge/Rumbottom Estate Guard)
  • "A privately hired guard, which are usually valued for their viciousness. He regards you coldly. He appears quite capable of defending himself, if need be." ("Examine" Description, Noble Guard Rumbottom Estate)

Real WorldEdit

Blacklake Patrol guards appear in Neverwinter Nights.

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