The Black Widow

The Black Widow describes herself as "the Femme Fatale of all Femme Fatales". She is a seductress, who uses her deadly venom to kill any men who she ensnares from her web on Exclamation Point of the Isle of Wonder. She attempted to turn Alexander into her prey, but he did not fall for her charms. Instead, he pulled a loose thread on her web to distract her and then snatched a scrap of paper from it while she was distracted.


The Silver LiningEdit

The Black Widow and several other residents of Exclamation Point have relocated to the Isle of the Crown and begun operating a newsletter for the Land of the Green Isles called The Four Winds. She is the most successful reporter of the newsletter, but has not left behind her seductive and murderous ways.

When Graham speaks with her, she is able to inform him of many of the rumors she has heard of strange occurrences. These include not only the ink fading from newly printed newsletters in the Land of the Green Isles, but also oddities from Serenia and Daventry. Graham tricks her into giving her some of her deadly venom as well.

Real WorldEdit

The Black Widow is a character in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow. She serves only as an obstacle to get the scrap of paper. She reappears in the fan-made sequel The Silver Lining by Phoenix Online Studios.

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